As of 1 January 2018, the members of the Association are insured under a vocational general liability and legal expenses insurance

The insured may cause harm to another party in activities included in his/her job or office. The general liability insurance covers personal injuries and property damage caused to another party for which the insured is liable to pay compensation according to the law in force at any given time. The maximum amount of compensation in personal injuries and property damage is 85,000 euros. The deductible of the insured is 400 euros for each occurrence of damage.

The legal expenses insurance covers the expenses for using a lawyer in matters concerning the employment relationship of the insured. The maximum amount of the compensation in case of a legal expenses loss is 10,000 euros. The deductible for each legal expenses loss is 15 per cent of the indemnifiable costs, but no less than 250 euros.

Legal expenses insurance

As a combined member you are covered by legal expenses insurance in case of illegal termination of employment. You can apply for indemnification of attorney’s and litigation expenses, if

  • your employment relationship has been terminated by the employer
  • the termination of the employment relationship is disputed
  • you have been a member of YTK Association for at least 6 months at the time of the termination of employment
  • membership has been valid for less than two years, all events related to the termination of the employment relationship have occurred during the period of validity of the insurance
  • you fulfil the condition regarding employment in accordance with the Unemployment Security Act at the time of the insured event
  • you have paid the membership fees of both the unemployment fund and the association
  • the dispute can be handled in Finland in a District Court, Administrative Court, Labour Court or appeal instances related thereto

The insurance does not cover

  • cases concerning only pay claims
  • criminal and application cases
  • cases in which the denial of a claim cannot be proved
  • legal expenses of the adverse party
  • cases arising from bankruptcy or business restructuring proceedings
  • cases related to employment relationships terminated by the insured person

Sum insured and deductible
In legal expenses insurance the maximum amount of indemnity is 10 000 euros. The maximum amount of the insurer’s liability to indemnify the costs incurred before the starting of the main hearing of a District Court and the costs in a case that has been settled out of court shall, however, be no more than 5 000 euros.

The deductible is 15 per cent of the indemnifiable costs, but no less than 250 euros.

The description above is not a full account on the content of the legal expenses insurance. Read the insurance terms to determine the precise content of the insurance.

Insurance terms valid as of 1 January 2017 can be viewed here.
(amendment: 8.1.1. second paragraph deleted)

Insurance terms valid as of 1 January 2016 can be viewed here.
(amendment: requirement of 6-month membership at the time of termination of employment)

Insurance terms valid until 31 December 2015 can be viewed here.

How to use the legal expenses insurance

  1. Call or send a message to the YTK Association
    We will check the validity of your membership and review the general requirements for receiving indemnity.
  2. Choose the counsel (=lawyer/attorney)
    You can choose the counsel yourself. The counsel shall be a lawyer or attorney. If you wish, you can search for a suitable counsel from the Opuslex network of attorneys that co-operates with the YTK Association. The lawyers within the network are familiar with the insurance offered by the Association and know how to act according to it.

    If you use a counsel other than a lawyer from the Opuslex network, please refer him/her to the website of the Association to read about the terms of the legal expenses insurance and how to apply for indemnity.

  3. Apply for indemnity through your counsel
    To receive legal expenses benefit, you need to inform the insurer (LähiTapiola) thereof beforehand in writing. The lawyer will draw up the claim and send it to LähiTapiola.

  4. Wait for the decision on indemnity 
    The insurer will give a decision on indemnity in writing.

    Drawing up an claim for indemnity

You can find the claim for legal expenses here.
When you fill out the claim for legal expenses, use the following contact information for the policyholder:

Name: YTK-Yhdistys Ry
Business ID: 2010274-1
Address: Teollisuuskatu 4
Post code: 32200
Town: Loimaa
Telephone GSM: 02 760 7630
Policy number: 1230162-1

The application for legal expenses shall be sent to the following address:                            

It is recommended to append to the claim for legal expenses copies of the documents explaining the nature of the case, e.g. correspondence between the parties or summons or other writs submitted to the Court.

After receiving the claim for legal expenses, LähiTapiola will request further information to determine the indemnifiability of the loss, if required. Once all necessary information is available, LähiTapiola will give a decision on indemnity in writing which will be sent to the insured and his/her counsel.

When indemnity for legal expenses is granted, LähiTapiola will indemnify the necessary and reasonable attorney’s and litigation expenses of the insured in accordance with the insurance terms.

LähiTapiola’s general advisory service to members regarding legal expenses cases:
Claims information Tel. 09 453 3690, e-mail:

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