Leisure time accident insurance

A Combined membership in YTK includes leisure-time accident insurance that is valid around the world. The insurance is valid for combined members with a permanent residence in Finland and who have paid their membership fees.

As of 1.1.2022, the leisure accident insurance is a group accident insurance policy issued by LocalTapiola.

Please note that when travelling, you should take out a separate travel insurance in case of illness while travelling or your trip is cancelled.  Accident insurance only covers costs caused by accidents.

Did you step into a pothole while on a run and twisted your ankle?
Did you fall on your bicycle and hit your head on the pavement?
Did you cut your leg with an axe while making firewood?
Did you fall off a kitchen stool while reaching to the cupboard for a bag of flour?

Not to worry! As a combined member of YTK, you are insured against accidents on your leisure time!

An accident is defined as a sudden event due to an external reason and which causes bodily injury to the insured person against their will.

Leisure time accident insurance covers

  • accidents, which are sudden events caused against the insured person’s will due to an external reason and which cause bodily injury to the insured person
  • costs of treating the accident to up to 8,000 euros (per accident)
  • lump-sum compensation for a functional limitation to up to 50,000
  • compensation of 20,000 euros in the event of death
  • without a deductible  

Insurance is not valid in the event of a traffic accident or in an accident during paid employment, nor in competitive sports or its practice. Competitive sport refers to competitions or matches organised by a sports federation or sports club, exercises under a coaching program, and other exercises specific to the sport, regardless of the level of competitive sport or age of the insured. The hobby and age series of sports federations or sports clubs are not considered competitive sports.

Please note that when travelling, you should take out a separate travel insurance in case of illness while travelling or your trip is cancelled.  Accident insurance only covers costs caused by accidents.

Insurance terms and conditions

The detailed content of the insurance is described in the insurance terms and conditions

The terms valid as of 1 January 2022 are found here.

Do as follows

In the event of an accident

  1. Check the OMA+ service that your combined membership is paid. Seek treatment at a hospital or clinic of your choice or the place of treatment required by the injury and file a injury report with LocalTapiola.
  2. LocalTapiola’s major partner clinics (such as Mehiläinen, Pihlajalinna, Terveystalo) may charge LocalTapiola directly for the medical bill for first visits, as well as treatments pertaining to the same accident, e.g. MRI and a related consultation. The final claim will be assessed in the compensation department of LocalTapiola.
  3. If you seek treatment at a provider other than LocalTapiola’s partner, you must first pay the bill yourself and claim the expenses on your injury report or afterwards.
  4. If you need a payment commitment for more expensive examination or treatment, the medical provider will request the commitment from LocalTapiola.

Reporting an injury and claiming compensation after treatment

Check in OMA+ that your combined membership fee has been paid.​​​​​​​ Report the injury to the insurance company:

  1. File an injury report in LocalTapiola’s online service (in Finnish): www.lahitapiola.fi/yritys/hae-korvausta (Henkilövahinko -> Vapaa-ajalla sattunut tapaturma -> Yrityksen ottama yksityistapaturmavakuutus)
  2. In the injury report, write down the details of the event and your personal information.
  3. In the tab ‘Vakuutuksenottajan tiedot’, select Liitto from the list of alternatives. In the field ‘Vakuutuksenottaja’, write down YTK Worklife (former YTK-Yhdistys). The insurance company will check with YTK Worklife that you are a combined member.
  4. You do not need to include receipts in the injury report. Keep all receipts related to the injury for six months. The insurance company will let you know if they need the receipts.

More information

For more information about the insurance, see the insurance terms and conditions.

You can contact our claims settlement service by email at [email protected] or by calling +358 9 453 3222 (Mon-Thu 9-15) if you need claims advice or more information about the content of the insurance.

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