Leisure time accident insurance until 31.12.2017

Insurance terms of the leisure time accident insurance will be amended as of 1 January 2018

The treatment expenses of accidents occurring after that date will be compensated up to 8,000 euros. 

The combined membership of YTK includes a leisure time accident insurance which is valid everywhere in the world. The insurance covers those combined members of YTK who live permanently in Finland and have paid their membership fees for both the Unemployment Fund YTK and the YTK Association.

Please note that the leisure time accident insurance is not a travel insurance, but only covers costs resulting from an accident (not e.g. falling ill while travelling, cancellation of a trip etc.). It is advisable to take out a separate travel insurance for a trip.

The insurance compensates without deductible

  • an accident which is a sudden event that occurs against the will of the insured due to an external reason and causes bodily injury to the insured
  • medical costs of an accident up to the amount of 3 000 euros (per accident)
  • one-off indemnity for handicap up to the amount of 30 000 euros
  • death benefit of 10 000 euros.

The insurance is not valid

  • in competitions, matches or training in accordance with a training programme arranged by a sports association or sports club, or in other sports events whose organiser requires the participants to have a license insurance or sign a disclaimer. Furthermore, the insurance is not valid in dangerous sports specifically determined in the insurance terms.

NB! The leisure time accident insurance taken out by the Association for its members does not include the daily allowance mentioned in section 5.4 (section 6.3 in the terms valid as of 1 January 2016).

Insurance terms

The above is not a full description of the content of the accident insurance. Read the insurance terms for the precise content of the insurance.

Insurance terms can be viewed here.

In case of an accident

  1. Seek treatment through TerveysHelppi by calling the number 0206 1000.
    The call is free of charge. If necessary, you will immediately get an appointment with a specialist in a health care unit near you and get to file your claim.
  2. When you call TerveysHelppi, give the agreement number 353-4722401-8 and state that you are a combined member of YTK.
    Through TerveysHelppi you can also receive a payment commitment for your treatment in which case the costs are charged directly from LähiTapiola. LähiTapiola only grants payment commitments to its partners. If a procedure or examination that costs more than 1500 euros is suggested for treating the accident injury, it is advisable to check the indemnity beforehand at LähiTapiola with medical statement E provided by the physician.

Claiming for indemnity after treatment

If the claim has not been filed through TerveysHelppi, you can claim for indemnity after the treatment.

  1. File a notification of injury by calling LähiTapiola, tel. 09 453 2316.
  2. Give the insurance number.
    Injuries occurred up to 31 December 2015: 1230162
    Injuries occurred after 1 January 2016: 353-4722401-8
    The insurance company will check the validity of the combined membership from YTK.
  3. Keep all receipts related to the injury for one year.
    The necessary appendices will be specified once the notification on injury has been submitted to the claims handling service. The insurance company will let you know if they need the receipts related to the injury.
  4. Apply for compensation in accordance with the Health Insurance Act from Kela before claiming for indemnity from LähiTapiola.
    Compensation from Kela shall also be applied for transportation of the patient (e.g. trips to examinations and treatment by own car or taxi).

Accidents occurring abroad

In case of a serious accident occurring abroad, contact the travel emergency service, tel. +358 8 000 4531.

The group accident insurance does not cover the interruption of a trip, repatriation, lost travel days, excursions or services.

Further information

LähiTapiola’s claims service number 09 453 2316 (weekdays 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) will give you more detailed information on the indemnification of costs and limitations to indemnity.

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