Online training library for working life

    The online training library for working life offers thousands of trainings to develop your skills and maintain your working life skills. The service is in Finnish, but the library also offers trainings in Swedish and English.

    You have over thousands of hands-on and up-to-date trainings, from O365 program basics to the latest features (including Excel, Word, Teams, Outlook), HR and managerial work, payroll and financial management, labour law and business law as well as various working life skills.

    In your CV, you can demonstrate your skills and development with certificates from the service.

    Eduhouse, a pioneer in digital learning, provides the free service to the members of the YTK Association. The service is now renewed with monthly live webinars by MySpeaker's inspiring top coaches on the hottest work life themes.

    So take advantage of the hundreds of euros worth of your membership now!

    In the service you can:

    • Browse from individual trainings or entities
    • Create study plans and monitor the development of your competence 
    • Conduct training tests and collect certificates 
    • Write notes about trainings and return to these later
    • Easily download training materials the training documents

    Here's how to get access to the service:

    It's easy to set up the online training library! Activate your account by registering for the service via the link from OMA+ (Webinars and trainings). After registration, you can use the service!

    Please note that the registered username is for personal use only.

    More detailed information on the use of the service can be found in Finnish here.

    Register as a user and win a pair of headphones!

    Membership benefit of the YTK Association renewed – win a pair of headphones!

    The supply of the working life online training library will be expanded in autumn 2021 with monthly live webinars of MySpeaker’s inspiring top coaches on the hottest themes in the working life: future work and working life skills, leadership, interaction, emotional skills, continuous learning, customer experience, ability to change, inclusion, well-being, technology, cyber security, and creativity and innovation.

    So why not use the benefit worth hundreds of euros included in the membership of the YTK Association now, as we will have a raffle among all members who have registered in the training library through OMA+ by 30 November 2021 and give out 3 pairs of Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones (value € 199) with which you can easily listen to the online trainings anywhere and anytime!


    Rules of the raffle

    Trainings in English 

    Remote work skills and M365

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