Below you will find a selection of membership benefits for everyday expenses. Also remember other membership benefits supporting well-being, such as for tourism, exercise and recreation!

    OpusLex logo.

    Legal services

    OpusLex is a network of over twenty independent high-quality law offices. More than 50 attorneys and over 30 other experts of OpusLex provide you with professional help with all legal issues.

    OpusLex law offices all over Finland offer 15% discount on the following legal services to the combined members of YTK:

    • Last will and testament
    • Estate inventory deed
    • Agreement on distribution of inheritance
    • Power of attorney
    • Prenuptial agreement

    See more detailed information on the benefit in the OMA+ service.



    F-Secure SAFE: Internet security for all devices

    F-Secure SAFE is built to protect you in the online world. Enjoy digital life without worrying. Browse the internet, access online banks, shop online, communicate with your family and friends and let F-Secure SAFE keep you protected. Our award-winning security looks out for you and the people close to you, on every device, all the time. Read more: www.f-secure.com/safe

    F-Secure SAFE 1 year
    - 3 devices 39,90 € (norm. 59,90 €), 
    discount 20 €
    - 5 devices 49,90 € (norm. 79,90 €), 
    discount 30 €
    - 7 devices 59,90 € (norm. 99,90 €), 
    discount 40 €

    F-Secure FREEDOME VPN: Secure and anonymous surfing

    Safeguard your internet privacy on all your devices with the easiest VPN app in the world. Encrypt your web traffic without data use restrictions. Read more: www.f-secure.com/freedome

    F-Secure FREEDOME 1 year
    - 3 devices 29,90 € (norm. 49,90 €), discount 20 €
    - 5 devices 34,90 € (norm. 59,90 €), discount 25 €
    - 7 devices 39,90 € (norm. 79,90 €), discount 40 €

    F-Secure ID PROTECTION: Prevent online identity theft

    Prevent hackers from using your personal information to take over your accounts and commit identity theft online. Read more: www.f-secure.com/id-protection

    F-Secure ID PROTECTION 1 year
    - 5 devices 19,90 € (norm 39,90 €), discount 20 €
    - 10 devices 24,90 € (norm 59,90 €), discount 35 €

    Get the link and code needed for the special price in OMA+.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Pohjola Insurance -logo.

    Discounts on insurances for new customers of Pohjola Insurance

    As a member of the YTK Association you will get significant discounts on your personal insurances.

    Insurances for the home and family for 3 years at a special price

    Aren’t you a customer of Pohjola Insurance yet? As a member of the YTK Association you will now get insurances for the home and family for as long as three years at a special price. The discount on the insurances is allocated to the insurance premiums in the first three years as follows:

    Year 1: -20%
    Year 2: -15%
    Year 3: -5%

    Voluntary motor vehicle insurance for one year -20%

    Comprehensive insurance cover of a motor vehicle used in traffic comprises of the compulsory third-party motor liability insurance and the voluntary motor vehicle insurance.

    As a member of the YTK Association you will get a 20% discount on the voluntary motor vehicle insurance premium for the first year. The discount applies to new Isokasko, Kevytkasko or Superkasko insurances taken for a passenger car, van, camper or caravan in private use. After the discounted year the insurance will continue at a normal price.

    Ask for an offer and use your membership benefit conveniently online. Give the discount code found on the members’ site of the Association when you ask for the offer, so that the discounts will be taken into account in the offer.

    More detailed information on the discounts and the offer request form can be found here

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    Co-compete together

    Come join us to compete your electricity contract or home office furniture together!

    The power of many in co-competition yields lower prices. You can get a saving of up to 25 percent.

    Read more about competing you electricity!
    Check out the new home office furniture competition!

    Take part via your OMA+ service.

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    Car rental

    New membership benefit: -15% on car rentals at all Green Motion offices in Finland. Get your discount code from OMA+ and book your car at www.greenmotion.fi.

    The membership discount is valid starting 1.9.2021, all year round, also during high season. Speed and preparation are assets when it comes to renting cars! The discount is at its largest when the reservation is made well in advance of the actual rental date. The discount covers all car classes, in all Green Motion offices in Finland, also Minileasing-contracts. (Inquiries: reservations@greenmotion.fi)

    Get your discount code at OMA+

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