Rules of the raffle

These rules shall be followed in the raffle arranged for those subscribed an e-invoice in November 2021.

1. Organiser

Organiser of the raffle:

YTK Association ”ORGANISER of the raffle”

Teollisuuskatu 4, 32200 Loimaa

2. Participating and eligibility for participation

All members of the YTK Association residing in Finland who subscribed an e-invoice through the OMA+ service in November 2021 can participate the raffle.

People employed by the YTK Association organisation may not participate in the raffle.

3. Period of participation 

Arvontaan voi osallistua 8.-15.12.2021 ellei toisin ilmoiteta. Osallistumisajan ulkopuolella tehtyjä osallistumisia ei hyväksytä arvontaan.

4. Osallistuminen

Arvontaan voi osallistua täyttämällä arvontasivulle yhteystietonsa.

5. Prizes

The prize is GoGift present cards (value € 100). Five prizes will be given out.

The prize cannot be exchanged, converted to money or transferred to another person. The organiser shall be responsible for all the costs resulting from the raffle. Järjestäjä pidättää oikeuden vaihtaa ilmoitetun palkinnon toiseen vastaavan arvoiseen.

6. Raffle

The raffle will take place on 15 December 2021. The winners will be notified personally by e-mail within a few days after the raffle.

The organiser shall pay any costs payable for the prizes.

A winner may choose to refuse to receive the prize. The names of the winners will not be published.

7. Organiser’s liability  

The recipient of the prize shall discharge the organiser from liability concerning injury or damage that results or is alleged to result from participating in this raffle or receiving or using the prize. The organiser’s liability towards the participants cannot in any case exceed the value or number of the prizes mentioned in these rules.

The organiser shall not be liable for any printing errors, errors in the contact information of the participants or obstacles to participate in the raffle, receive or use the prize due to reasons attributable to information technology.

The limitations of liability shall not limit such liability for compensation that cannot be excluded or limited by virtue of consumer protection legislation, the Product Liability Act or other compelling legislation.

8. Processing of personal data

The YTK Association processes the personal data in accordance with the privacy policy of the YTK Association.

9. Intellectual rights

The rights to the materials used in the implementation of the raffle and the intellectual rights related thereto belong to the organiser or partner. The use of all materials related to the raffle is prohibited without a written permission given by the organiser beforehand.

10. Changes in and interpretation of the rule​​​​​​​

The organiser reserves the right to change the rules. Any changes in the rules shall be notified on the website of the YTK Association. The organiser may also rectify or change the rules to correct any printing and other errors during the participation period. Any unclarities related to the application and interpretation of the rules of the raffle shall be decided on by the organiser.

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