Online coaching in job-seeking

This service is only available to the combined members of YTK who are members of both the unemployment fund and the YTK Association.

As a combined member you have the opportunity to participate at a member price in online coaching in job-seeking provided by Cimson Koulutuspalvelut which will give you encouragement and ideas for job-seeking. After receiving the entry codes you can study for a month at your own pace, regardless of time and place.

Online coaching can be complemented with personal guidance. In that case the instructor will give you guiding feedback on the job-seeking documents and the virtual interview you have completed during the training.

10 steps of coaching

  1. Introduction

  2. Career planning

  3. Own expertise

  4. Labour markets

  5. Marketing of expertise

  6. Meta skills in job-seeking

  7. Job-seeking texts

  8. Telephone communication in job-seeking

  9. Job interview

  10. Job-seeking plan

Online coaching € 20
Online coaching plus personal feedback € 60

The price will be invoiced one month after registering. 


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