Back to Work

This service is only available to the combined members of YTK who are members of both the unemployment fund and the YTK Association.

If you have been made redundant or are under such threat, you may be accepted to a job-seeking support programme, co-arranged by the YTK Association, ManpowerGroup and Right Management, which provides coaching in efficient and productive job-seeking.

The duration of the Back to Work programme is either 2, 3 or 6 months, and its goal is to place the participant quickly back to the labour market. You will be assigned a dedicated career coach who will help you to map your strengths, determine your career goals and start an efficient job-seeking campaign. You will get individual support tailored exactly to your needs and situation at different stages of job-seeking.

Before submitting a request for contact, familiarise yourself with the content and the price of different programme alternatives.

Sign up by submitting a request for contact if​​​​​​​

  • you are an employee and want ManpowerGroup to contact you for supporting your re-employment

  • you represent an employer and want to hear more about how to use the member benefit in your own organisation

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