Towards something new – make use of the free career planning service for members

Mazhr is based on adding your own verified strengths and competences as part of your career planning and job-seeking. Good self-knowledge is the first step of successful career planning, and Mazhr’s algorithm will help you take the right direction. In job-seeking your own verified strengths and potential will help you put your own expertise into worlds and stand out in a positive way.

We are offering a free starter bundle for occupational psychology tests to first 1500 members – the benefit is worth almost 100 euros, so grab yours now!  See your benefit code in the OMA+ service. The Starter Bundle includes two occupational psychology tests: Personality & Behaviour, and Values & Motivation.

Here is what you can do with the Mazhr test:

  1. Show and share your expertise on a Mazhr Card. Mazhr Card is your digital CV that will help you increase your value on the labour market. Show your strengths and potential, verified by quality online tests, and share your Mazhr Card with recruiters and your network.

  2. Identify your potential by completing the Mazhr tests. The Starter Bundle includes two important occupational psychology tests: Personality & Behaviour, and Values & Motivation.

    The first 1500 members of the YTK Association will get the Starter Bundle free of charge in June! The value of the Starter Bundle is € 89.90.

  3. Plan your career using the Maz me feature. With Mazhr test results you can identify how your personality traits and qualities match the requirements of thousands of different positions within the Mazhr service. You will also find vacant jobs in the same section. You can even find a whole new direction for your career!

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