At the request of our members, we are now offering a super benefit for the language course

Start learning an entirely new language or take your language skills to a new level with the WordDive mobile app. The AI-based, award-winning app helps you learn real-life language skills quickly.

During December, we offer our members three extra months of study time for three-month WordDive language courses. So you get six months of study time for EUR 35.97 (normal price EUR 59.94)!

Claim the top offer now and strengthen your language skills with courses designed by professionals. Today is the perfect day to start learning!

To enable your membership benefits:

  1. Log in to OMA+ with your membership number, which you can find, for example, in the latest YTK Association membership letter. Extract your promo code from OMA+ and go directly from the link there to activate your order.
  2. When you are buying your desired language course on the WordDive website, enter the promo code in the field assigned to it and claim your benefits.
  3. Follow WordDive's instructions, it will guide you to the beginning of your studies. You can study either with the mobile app or with a browser version. Learn and enjoy!

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