Mindfulness with Luotain

    Mindfulness, conscious accepting presence, can increase your well-being, reduce stress and improve sleep quality and concentration.

    As a combined member of YTK, you can now take part in an online mindfulness coaching with Luotain completely free of charge (normal price 240 e).

    The course is eight weeks long and contains several short exercises. You will learn, among other things, what mindfulness is and how it can increase your well-being.

    The course is also available in English.

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    Exercises to support your well-being

    The online training library for working life, which is free to our members, offers diverse exercises for anyone looking for tools to strengthen mental well-being.

    The selection includes, for example, these training sets:

    You can find more exercises here! (most of the exercises are in Finnish)

    Learn how to access the online training library here


    Mindfulness exercises

    Mindfulness exercises allow you to let go of things like galloping thoughts, get caught up in this moment and strengthen the mind-body connection.


    • Body Listening Exercise for Adults
    • Self-Compassion
    • Kindness to Ourselves

    Exercises are offered by Mieli ry.. 

    Read more about the exercises here! (In Finnish)

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