Mindfulness 10-day online course

    New! Sleep well (norm. 59 €)

    10-day mindfulness (norm.19.90€)

    • how to relax and calm your mind easily in everyday life
    • to concentrate better and act with presence and more efficiently
    • the keys to solve sleeping problems
    • how to take care of your body better and relieve pain
    • how to manage emotions and oppressive thoughts

    You will get your course in a digital format and can follow the directions on a computer, tablet or smartphone. After the payment you will receive an e-mail through which you can log in on the member site. There you will find all exercises and can start practicing right away.

    10 minutes a day online course (norm 29€)
    In the course you will learn how small and easy changes can help you get a grip on feeling good and how to increase functional capacity and live a more enjoyable and balanced life. The course includes:

    • for a week for each day, ready-made instructions and guided 10-minute sound training, which together help to reduce stress and calm down in everyday life
    • Tips on how to practice as well as how to support training and well-being
    • personal trainer support for the duration of and also after the course
    • free access to online coaching for a year, as well as the possibility of downloading materials and exercises for yourself

    The online courses are available in Finnish.
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    3-month online course €29

    Members get 50% off (regular price €59)

    Would you like to learn more? The course explains the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction method clearly and illustratively. You’ll learn how to utilize and strengthen your mindfulness skills in your own life and apply the method and exercises to your everyday and working lives. Course contents:

    • Weekly guided video and audio exercises that you can do wherever and whenever you like.
    • Dozens of other exercises, practicing tips, and instructions that help you get the most out of your exercises.
    • Exercise diary for support and extra motivation.
    • Personal support for the duration of the course and free access to the online training materials for a year; you can also download the materials and exercises.

    The online courses are available in Finnish.
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