As a member of the YTK Association, you can now get wellness coaching to support your everyday coping and health from the pioneers in online coaching. Optimal Performance's Joni and Kaisa Jaakkola have been building inspiring and change-encouraging wellness coachings in Finland for over 10 years. Take advantage of your membership benefit and make a smarter sustainable lifestyle renovation! 

Lectures on well-being for members only 

During 2022, we will organize a total of 8 lectures (in Finnish) in which Joni and Kaisa Jaakkola bring theory and tools to different areas of wellness and well-being.  

The registration link will be sent by e-mail to all YTK association members approximately one week before the lecture. In addition, the link can be found in the OMA+ Service, where you can also see recordings of past lectures throughout the year. 

Kaisa's lectures

  • Boost your recovery - 13.10. at 9
  • Better sleeping skills - 26.10. at 15
  • Flexible relationship with your own well-being 10.11. at 9
  • Maintaining sustainable change​​​​​​​ 23.11. at 15

Joni's lectures

  • Main cornerstones of sleep and recovery
  • Main cornerstones of nutrition and eating 
  • Main cornerstones of training, exercise and activity 
  • How do you make a lifestyle renovation and achieve lasting results?

The lectures are in Finnish, so read more here >> 

FiksuStartti 2.0 Online Coaching 

Have you tried to get in good shape, but the new life, posture movement, fitness regimen or weight loss project has always failed after a few weeks? 

The FiksuStartti 2.0 online course is built to help with exactly such a situation. 

With the help of this online course, you can catch up with workout, nutrition and recovery methods that have been tested in real life with our individual customers for over ten years. You gain access to methods that can be maintained all year round without much hassle: the goal is to automate the ways of well-being in your everyday life just like cleaning your teeth! 

As a member, you will receive the online course for 39 € (norm. 79 €).  

More information about the online course and the link to redeem the discount-priced course can be found through the OMA+ Service

The online course is only available in Finnish. 
Claim your benefit in the OMA+ Service

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