Join us to boost your well-being both at and outside of work!

    Recovery, sleep, stress management, food and nutrition, everyday physical activity, lifestyle changes, workout routines... These are some of the health-related topics that interest our members the most according to our membership surveys.

    In 2022, we will get to make our members’ wishes come true and offer you the opportunity to improve your well-being with the #työelämäkuntoon2022 campaign - both at and outside of work.

    Learn more about our new membership benefits that support your overall well-being and professional skills!

    ​​​​​​​(Note that some of the services are only available in Finnish).

    Man training outside in winter.

    Join us to build new habits that will help you achieve lasting change and improve your well-being, both at and outside of work.​​​​​​​

    Simple steps #työelämäkuntoon2022

    1. Understand

      Come along in 4TSummit online event on 14th Sept. 2022: Emotions, Skills, Work Life, Future! Read more

      ​​​​​​​Remember the Puhti health check to understand how your body is doing and what you can do to boost your energy and well-being. Read more and order now!
    2. Learn

      The online training library for working life offers thousands of trainings to develop your skills and maintain your working life skills - free for members. Register now and take advantage of the hundreds of euros worth of your membership!

      Participate in the free Optimal Performance lectures by Joni and Kaisa Jaakkola and see the recordings of all lectures in OMA+.​​​​​​

      Read and listen to books at an inexpensive price with Alma Talent offers - read more!
    3. Build habits

      Change does not happen automatically: it happens when you turn the things you have learned into habits.

      Don’t forget to use these health-boosting membership benefits: FiksuStartti 2.0 online course, free Yogaia videos and mindfulness courses by Ceesto.

    Read Janni Hussi's story

    janni hussi

    Janni Hussi, 30, has always had many irons in the fire, and that is also the case today. She is a host in morning radio, TV shows and various events, an actress in the Syke TV series, a founder of a new massage business, and an investor. On top of everything, she is one of Finland’s biggest influencers, with over 276,000 Instagram followers. What does the energetic physical activity advisor think about learning new skills and developing competencies? Read Janni's interview!

    updated 11.8.2022

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